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Ideal for businesses or families. Revolutionary GSM mobile phone tracking technology now allows only registered users to locate a mobile and then display the position instantly on a web map of Great Britain & N.Ireland - with an accuracy of up to 50 metres. Each search then costs as little as 20p.

Whether you run a fleet of vehicles operating in time and service critical industries or have traveling tradesmen / sales staff, or employ workers in construction or agriculture, mobile phone location technology is the simple, easy to use, alternative to investing in expensive GPS satellite location systems. If your business is mobile then you need mobile phone tracking!

Locate mobile technology is simple and easy to use and can be set up in minutes. Unlike vehicle tracking, mobile tracking also means you can continue to track, even when the employee has left the vehicle. Working on all the four major networks the ability to track mobile phones means you can monitor your work force every minute, any time, day or night to improve business efficiency.

You can access your account via the internet or have phone tracking results sent direct to your mobile. Using Ordinance Survey™ maps you can zoom in or out, right down to street level to view any mobile tracking record or you can track mobile phones just by receiving a free daily emailed report.

Finally, mobile phone tracking is also a useful safety feature to help you trace employees or friends and family who may get into difficulty or go missing.


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