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All of Trisent's products and services are based on our proprietary Tri-cell technology. Tri-cell is a new and innovative GSM and 3G based technology that provides automated, real-time location data for mobile phone handsets and modem units. Tri-cell has been proven to be more accurate than Cell-ID technologies as well as providing a higher resolution of data than has been previously affordable. Tri-cell is the result of 10 man-year of effort and the core technology is being continuously improved for better accuracies and high reliability.

Tri-cell technology was first implemented as a mobile phone technology and a service called Tri-locator is now available for locating and tracking unmodified mobile phones. The current service provides location coordinates with a 5 minute resolution via a simple internet interface. Tri-cell is now being applied to other applications including vehicle and trailer tracking. Tri-cell is a low-cost alternative to GPS technology that lowers costs, power consumption and increases operational coverage.

Phone tracking Tri-locator gives Location Based Service providers access to current and historical location data for their subscribers mobile phones. Continuous 5 minute resolution is provided at a fixed service cost and the LBS provider can add maps, reports, IT integration etc to add value to the service. The Tri-locator service is based on our Tri-cell technology and therefore no GPS equipment is required, only a mobile phone.

Vehicle tracking Tri-cell technology provides vehicle tracking for half the cost of GPS. Not only that, Trisent's vehicle tracking technology will work in urban canyons and within buildings where GPS fails.

Locating Assets Tri-cell technology is easily integrated into small units with low power consumption and no external antennas. This, and the low costs, makes this technology ideal for monitoring or recovering valuable assets and for trailer tracking services.

Benefits Trisent's technology provides many benefits compared with Cell-ID technologies or GPS based technologies. The key benefit is that continuous tracking is now affordable since the cost of Cell-ID location requests has been eliminated and there is no requirement for expenditure on GPS equipment and installation.


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