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You can't be with your loved ones every minute of every day, but with mapAmobile you'll always know where they are. That's because as long as they're carrying an active mobile phone we can use network technology to tell you their location anywhere in the UK - and you don't have to call or text to find out. Which means freedom for them and total peace of mind for you.

How do you know your logistics person has made that delivery or is still stuck in traffic? How do you find the van that's the nearest to your customer demanding a delivery now? How do you keep track of your field sales force?

  • mapAmobile Corporate Edition locates your mobile workforce at anytime without interruption

  • It uses the existing mobile phone network to provide location data within seconds

  • No need to invest in any extra hardware

  • Works for a fraction of the cost of GPS tracking systems

  • Cuts administration time and costs

  • Improves efficiency and safety of company vehicles

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