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The main functions of ChildLocate are:

1. Locate via the web
2. Locate via Text Messaging
3. Send Text Messages from your PC

1. Locate from the web
After having registered for the service either via the web site or after calling our customer hotline you will have the option of adding mobile phones on to the service. Once you have been granted permission to locate the phones you can locate the mobiles anywhere in the UK.

After you have added a mobile number to your list, a text message is generated and sent to the child's mobile phone. In order to give you permission to locate the mobile phone, the child needs to reply Yes to the text message.

2. Locate using your mobile phone
To locate from your mobile simply text Find <name of your child> to 60066 and we will text you back the location of your child.

Send "Find Dave" to 60066

Receive Text "Dave is in the area of Newbury train station, Station Road, Newbury. (Accuracy 100m @ 13:22, 15-June-2003)"

3. Send Text Messages from the web
You type text messages on your PC and send to the list of mobile phones you have registered with the service. Ideal way to keep in contact with your loved ones wherever they are.



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