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Contact Employees Anytime, Anywhere.

For businesses with a mobile workforce, location and communication are everything. So, when you need to notify customers of schedule changes, help drivers avoid traffic backups or dispatch the closest employee to a pickup or delivery, you'll get it done with Mobile Locator™.

Features include:

  • Real-time location - see where people are either by address or web-based map.

  • PC-to-phone messaging - point and click to send messages to any located phone or handheld.

  • Driving directions in English or Spanish - send to your workers based on their current location, get them to their next job or back to the office.

  • Points of interest - find your employee's current location or locate the nearest gas station, ATM, bank or restaurant.

  • No extra equipment or setup required - all you need is a Nextel GPS-enabled phone or BlackBerry® handheld, a PC with web access, and a MyNextel user ID and password.


Requires one of the following:

  • Nextel GPS-enabled phone, MyNextel login and PC with Internet connection

  • BlackBerry 7520 or BlackBerry 7100i, and BlackBerry Data Service Plan


  • Mobile Locator™ - $15.00/month
    Includes Pay As You Go Text Messaging ($0.15 per message sent or received).

  • Mobile Locator™ with Text Messaging 500 Plan - $20.00/month
    Includes 500 Text Messages. (Overage $0.10 per message sent or received).


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