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With MapQuest® Find Me, you can find everything right on your Nextel GPS, Java™ - enabled phone or BlackBerry 7520™. No more searching for the location of friends or family, restaurants, ATMs, even directions. MapQuest Find Me combines GPS technology and the most robust and up-to-date points of interest database in the U.S. - to show you where you are, help you find your friends, family and what's nearby and get you where you are going.

  • Automatic location reporting. See your current location without manually entering an address.
  • People finder. See the current location of family, friends and co-workers with their permission. On your device or on a private web site.
  • Points of interest location. Find banks, theaters, restaurants, hotels and more.
  • Directions. See turn-by-turn text directions on your phone
  • Convenient Address Book. Store addresses or points of interest to save time when you need directions again.


  • Nextel GPS, Java-enabled phone*
  • Pricing:
  • + $5.99 per month. Includes 300KB of Data Access Service
    + $3.99 per month if Data Access is purchased separately


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