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Cell phone tracking using tracking software by Accutracking turns Motorola iDEN cell phones or RIM BlackBerry phones carried by Nextel or SouthernLINC into a cellphone GPS tracking device. The online GPS cell phone tracking service lets you see real-time locations, speed, and headings of your children/family members or cars/vehicles, and receive email or SMS alerts when they move across the designated areas or exceeds speed limit.

Who Should Buy :
Need a ready-to-use AccuTracking system
  The starter kit has the AccuTracking software pre-installed and configured on the phone. Your tracking account is also pre-registered and configured. Once you received the kit, you only need to activate the phone on, which can ususally be done in 10 minutes.
Need a tracking-only phone
  Nextel boost i415 is ideal for tracking only usage because it is a low cost pay-as-you-go phone. It costs only 40 cents/day (20 cents for the Nextel data plan, and 20 cents for AccuTracking service) if you don't use it for calling.

The Starter Kit Includes :

Nextel boost i415 phone with $10 pre-paid credit
Pre-installed AccuTracking software
Car charger and home charger
USB data cable
An activated tracking account ready to use
First month free tracking service

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