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 FindCall Call Center NEWS 

Call centers have invaded Costa Rica over the last decade. Mega companies like HP and Intel have established call centers, as a result a multitude of smaller businesses are offering sales and customer service, few more seedy than others.

Looking for a job in Costa Rica, likely to find yourself at a call center. Speak good English’re in! So expect a few service center calls from Costa Rica.

 FindCall Seniors NEWS 

GPS Cell Phones, mobile phone tracking system offer one a way to track ones senior parents when they are out and about. Many cell phones have a built-in GPS tracking chip .. best check with your cell phone provider if available on their phone.

GPS enabled cell phones can have tracking software installed. FYI if you are a Sprint, Verizon Wireless, AT&T or Alltel customer, family locator services may be available for a fee. Check with your provider, as plan and price changes all the time

 Handle Calls Tip 

No one gets excited around election time when the candiate support calls start. Some smart people changed their affiliation to "independent" just to avoid survey calls and automated calls. No point crying about the wave of election calls, as there is really no way to be off the call lists. Beware of the nice candiate or party surveys which after they have done their 10 minute + survey turns into a request for a donation to the candiate or party.


Transferred cell phone plan avoids high termination fees

Finding a friend or a co-worker to take over your cell phone plan is a great way to avoid paying early termination fees for breaking phone contract. Saving $20 -$175, Verizon Wireless has a $175 early termination fee, you contract with a better cell plan or just save the money if trying to cut costs(no cell phone, that's tough times).

Like a SERO offer runs $30 per month for 500 anytime minutes, with free nights and weekends(7pm–7am), unlimited text messages, and an unlimited data plan so can access my Gmail account, check Google Maps and surf the webs all the time .. great move!

 Beware Mobile Data Transfer Costs 

Mobile phone data rates in countries such as Egypt are much higher than North America. The mobile transfer rate if travelling with no roaming plan can be $25 a megabyte. Thus, a five megabyte vacation photo emailed home could set one back 125 dollars. Shocked? Even a smaller photo file posted on Facebook may not be worth it. North American mobile phone providers are stuck paying the high going tranfer rates charged in counties such as Egypt and thus pass those transfer costs on to you, even if you are surprised and outraged.





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