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garmin mobile gps navigation software cellphones


You’ve seen how cellular phone technology has revolutionized communications, while GPS satellite technology has done the same for mobile navigation. Now Garmin Mobile™ brings these two great technologies together — with downloadable software that can turn your compatible Sprint cell phone into a full-featured GPS navigator.


With Garmin Mobile software for your cell phone handset you have everything you need to get going with GPS. You can use Garmin Mobile to locate nearly six million points of interest (POIs), including restaurants, hotels, gas stations, ATMs, shopping and tourist attractions. Read more about GARMIN SPRINT GPS SOFTWARE


Now it's easy to add full GPS navigation and hands-free calling capabilities to your mobile smartphone with the Garmin Mobile™ 20 — a Bluetooth-enabled wireless GPS navigation system.


Garmin Mobile 20 supports Nokia, Windows Mobile and Treo smartphones, and its integrated phone mount, the GPS 20SM™, with a built-in, highly sensitive GPS receiver and Bluetooth-enabled speaker and microphone, accommodates nearly any size. Wherever you're going, Garmin Mobile 20 with included mapping software provides wireless mapping and navigation to deliver you directly to the front door. And for on-the-go convenience, the wireless interface, powerful speaker and noise-canceling dual microphones let you drive and talk hands-free without using a headset. Read more about GARMIN MOBILE 20 GPS SOFTWARE

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