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Wayfinder Navigator™ 6 : Navigation Software and Service for a one-time fee. Maps are regularly up-dated free of charge with access to your choice of region or continent. You can choose a package with a GPS receiver or only buy the software.

- Easy to use

- Voice and map directions

- Frequently updated maps

- Top of the World!
Now the entire world map is easily reached in your mobile. Just choose a location on the planet and zoom in, all the way down to street level!

- Service Window giving you the best!
The Service Window, an additional new feature, provides the user with information on weather, currency rates and currency converting. Here you’ll find future add-ons, making you mobile life much easier.

- Stay out of trouble!
Take the fastest or the easiest way, avoiding traffic disturbances, toll roads or speed cameras. Find the closest gas station or motel and get there fast.



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